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SilverFox Web Designs

silverfox web designs

website maintenance

website maintenance services

If you already own a website or when you build a new website it's imperative that you have a maintenance plan with us to ensure it remains functional and online for your users.

WordPress Maintenance
Webflow Maintenance
Wix Maintenance
Drupal Maintenance
Magento Maintenance

Maintenance Plans

SilverFox Web Designs offers serveral plans to choose from. Feel free to consult with us if you have any questions about our plans.

Pay as You Go
standard hourly rate / 5 HR Min $7700 x5 Hours
pay Monthly
Month to Month
5% Reduced / 3 HR Min per month $7315 x3 Hours PM
pay Monthly
yearly commitment
10% Reduced / 3 HR Min per month $6930 x3 Hours PM
pay Yearly
Pay one Year in advance
15% Reduced / 3 HR Min per month $6545 x3 hours pm x12

When you're ready

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