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Professional Services from Boise, Idaho

SilverFox Web Designs is a network of highly skilled designers and developers offering a wide range of talent and services to satisfy any website or application need.

It is our passion to offer our services. It is our reward to see our clients happy.

Jeremy Brown
Owner of SilverFox Web Designs

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Our Mission

Is to provide top level web design, website development, maintenance and hosting services at a price anyone can afford. It’s our goal to bring together the top talent from around the world. SilverFox Web Designs provides a wide variety of services and unique talent capable of developing and servicing any type of website.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the results we produce will be of top quality and in accordance with our client’s requirements. We stand behind all the work we complete with a limited lifetime warranty.

SilverFox Network Coming soon!

We have plans to release our own mini social network. We’re active on Facebook and manage several groups through that platform and wanted a spot where we could share more specifically topics of interest in a cleaner environment. Stay tuned for more details after launch!

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SilverFox #Slack Badges

Look for our badge in #Slack.

If you see one of these badges you know you are talking to a certified professional approved by SilverFox Web Designs. They’ve built trust with SilverFox Web Designs, have delivered above and beyond the requirements consistently on requested tasks and have proven beyond a doubt they are masters of their domain.

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Certified Project Manager
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Certified Quality Assurance
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