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About SilverFox Web Designs

My name is Jeremy Brown and I’m the owner and CEO of SilverFox Web Designs. I’m located in Boise, Idaho and have been an independent designer and developer of websites for over 22 years. I started way back in 1996-97 before anyone knew what a website was. I’ve seen the industry grow and mature into what we currently use, which is amazing compared to how it was back then. There is so much we can do now and it’s very exciting! I have compiled a team of the best designers and developers to help me in my journey to success and together we can create anything for you. I’m confident and guarantee my team of experts will deliver the results you need while being flexible with your budget. Everyone I work with is a master of their chosen field and will work hard to fulfill your requests.

SilverFox Web Designs is the culmination of 22 years of passion and hard work.
We truly love what we do and always strive to provide the absolute best services and support for our clients.

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Our Mission

Is to maintain honesty and integrity within the web development community by being flexible and open to our clients needs and budget. To deliver a top of the line product and to be the best that we can be in everything that we do.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the results we produce will be of top quality and in accordance with our clients requirements. We stand behind all the work we complete with a limited lifetime warranty.


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SilverFox Social Network

We invite you to join our social network. It’s free to register and participate. Registered members gain access to the activity feed, groups and other members. Make new friends, message, share and read interesting posts. Similar to Facebook only without a bunch of clutter.

SilverFox Services

We currently specialize in graphic design, new websites, website maintenance, web applications, mobile app development, WordPress and SEO.  We have developers who can code in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Jquery, AngularJS, Android and Apple iOS.

SilverFox Business Directories

We currently offer 2 business directories. One for the state of Idaho only and another for the entire continental United States. Both are free to register and free to post listings.

Free Idaho Business Directory
Free National Business Directory